Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Shaye's recount of The Millenium Centre Trip

The Amazing Millennium Centre
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On Monday it was trip day. We had to wear mufti over our togs. After the bell we had to go on the bus to the AUT Millennium Centre which was on the North Shore. It was a long time to get there but at last we were there. We sat outside and had morning tea. We were only allowed to eat one or two things. Then we walked in. We went past a cafe where there were lots of yummy treats. At the Millennium centre we did kayaking, water safety, snorkelling and team building activities.


  1. I enjoyed reading your recount Shaye...you are learning how to punctuate your work...great effort!

  2. Your story is very long, Shaye. I like that.

  3. That was a great recount shaye.

  4. That was a great recount Shaye.