Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mothers Day by Daniel

Mothers Day

On Mother’s Day day I gave Mummy breakfast  in bed. I gave her icecream and coffee. Next I gave her my present which was a kitchen timer. Mum used it for timing us when we dressed. Next we went to a restaurant. The first eating place we went to had too many people so we went to a second eating place. It was not full. Reuben had a cheeseburger I had nuggets and chips which were yummy! Reuben gave me half of his burger because Dad said to.


  1. Mum was spoilt and you were lucky to go to a restaurant to celebrate with her, Daniel.

  2. I am so blessed and happy to have 2 beautiful boys to celebrate Mothers Day with. The presents from school were lovely and breakfast in bed was very much appreciated. From Daniel & Reuben's lucky mother.

  3. awesome work Daniel what a big long story Daniel

  4. Dear Reuben
    Did your Mum liked her ice-cream and coffee in bed?

  5. Daniel

    I like your story.What did your mum have at the restaurant?