Monday, 11 May 2015

Trelise's Howick Historical Village Story

Howick Historical Village by Trelise
On the 4 May 2015 Rm 18, by bus, went to Howick Historical Village.

I went with Kim (adult), Elise, Cynthia, Daniel, and me. After lunch, we explored the Village. First we saw number 5. It really did look olden days. Next we went to number 4. OMG! It really did look like olden days! Next we went to number 3. All of it looked like the olden days! Next we went to the children’s  museum. There were olden day toys. There were marble runs and all sorts of things. I thought it was the best. There were other things too that were cool.

I loved it! I hope I go again.

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  1. You enjoyed learning about the olden days when we were on our trip. I like the way you have used commas and exclamation marks in your story, Trelise.

  2. I like your cool story trelise. Did you have a fun time.

  3. Trelise your story was really good. I can see that you had a awesome day at the howick village!

  4. Dear Azalea
    I did have a fun time
    Love Trelise

  5. Well done I like it Trelise.Did you enjoy it?Elizabeth