Sunday, 16 August 2015

WALT persuade: Bullrush should be banned

Bullrush by Trelise
The game begins with two children standing in the middle of the field. The other children stand on one side of these children. They have to run across the field trying not to get tackled or tagged by the two children.

Bullrush Should/Should Not Be Banned
I think Bullrush should be banned from schools. Some people think that bullrush  should not be banned and other people say that bullrush should be banned.

First, Bullrush has tackling in it, so people can break or dislocate their self, like my brother, Carew.

Secondly, if the child gets hurt, then the parents will blame the teacher, when it’s actually the child’s fault.

Thirdly, some people can damage their brain, so that means that they can’t think properly.

I think Bullrush should be banned from schools!


  1. Thank you to everyone who will comment on my story. Thanks!

  2. To Trelise
    I love your story and I agree with you. You wrote an AWESOME story.

    Love from Elizabeth

  3. I think that you done awesome reasons! do you know who invented bulrush?

  4. Dear Trelise. I like the way you edited your work and done good reasons.AWESOME WORK.

  5. Dear Trelise
    you did awesome
    work and I do agree with you