Sunday, 16 August 2015

WALT persuade: Bullrush...should it be banned in schools?

Bullrush by Azalea
The game begins with two children standing in the middle of the
field. The other children stand on one side of these children. They have to run across the field trying not to get tackled or tagged by the two children.

Bullrush should/ should not be banned
I think Bullrush should be banned from schools.
The first reason is your parents could get very angry and tell the principal to ban Bullrush because you got badly injured.

The second reason is you could dislocate your leg or your shoulder by someone stronger than you that has tackled you.

The third reason is you could get serious brain injury and would not think very well at all
and you might not think very  properly for your whole entire life.

Ban Bullrush from our schools!




  1. Dear Azalea
    You got amazing reason. I agree with you. Awesome!
    From Trelise

  2. To Azalea
    You great reasons...and I agree with you. You wrote an AWESOME story

    Love from Elizabeth

  3. I think you done great reasons! I agree with you . do you know when bulrush was banned bulrush?

  4. Dear Azalea I like the way how you done paragraphs AWESOME STORY! I agree with you.
    from Daniel

  5. Thank you to everyone who commented on my story!

  6. Dear Azalea I agree with you ! I like the way you did paragraghs
    from shavaun

  7. Thank you Shavaun for saying you liked the way I did paragraghs in my story.

  8. Thank you Daniel for saying that I did an AWESOME story. Thanks!

  9. Thank you Trelise for saying that I have amazing reason. Thanks!

  10. Thank you Reuben for saying that I have done great reasons! Thanks!

  11. Thank you Elizabeth for agreeing with me that Bullrush should be banned!

  12. Dear Azalea
    you are right
    you will
    get serious brain ingury
    and I agree with you