Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cats Should be Banned by Trelise

I think cats should be banned. There are two sides of cats. Some people think cats shouldn’t be banned, and other people think cats should be banned.

First, cats can bite you and scratch you real hard.

Secondly, cats can kill native birds. Cats bring the native birds inside, and they are really proud, but you aren’t.

Thirdly, cats can break  furniture and other things in the house.

Cats should not be with New Zealand families!  

by Trelise Room 18


  1. You expressed your opinions well. Cats can do harm but they also can make lovely pets for families as you know. Fantastic work!

  2. Thank you everyone who complimented on my story!

    Love Trelise

  3. I agree with you Trelise that cats should be banned.

  4. I also think that cats should be banned Trelise

  5. i think cats are cool and sweet