Thursday, 25 June 2015

Should We Have Zoos by Azalea

Should We Have Zoos by Azalea Room 18
 I think we should have zoos. Zoos treat animals in a nice way.

The first reason is that zoos help the animals to make their species grow. They have breeding programmes.

The second reason is that they get more food instead  of having to hunt to catch their own food. The zoo staff give them the right amount of food with a balanced diet.

They rescue animals which are endangered and keep them safe in their zoo.

Zoos treat  animals kindly with respect!


  1. I think that the picture is cute Azalea...I like the font that you used good work!

  2. Zoos are safe places where animals are taken good care of, Azalea. Thanks for writing a great persuasive story!

  3. Awsome work azalea

  4. Thanks to every one who commented on story.