Thursday, 25 June 2015

Should We Have Zoos by Daniel

Should We Have Zoos   by Daniel Room 18

I think we should have zoos.

I think we should have zoos because it helps the animals not get extinct.

Animals don’t need to find food as they are fed well by the zoo staff.

Animals can’t hurt people because they are in enclosures.

Hunters can’t shoot them.

It is a safe place for them to breed.

So zoos are wonderful places for animals.


  1. I agree with you Daniel. Zoos are great for looking after and for breeding endangered species. Super work!

  2. I really like your work, Daniel! I also agree with you!

    Love Trelise

  3. I think zoos are wonderful for animals to breed Daniel.Cool story

  4. I like your reasons and enjoy going to Zoos too. I agree that zoo are great. Do you know how long zoos have been around? love from Reuben

  5. Well done Daniel!